A Day in the life of Charlotte Underwood

In the second part of my day in the life of series, I am sharing a day in the life of Charlotte Underwood, an author and mental health advocate, here is her story:


Charlotte Underwood

When we talk about a typical day in our life, it can get complicated, especially when you suffer from low mental health. I have pretty bad anxiety and my depression can go up and down, so how I spend each day, completely depends on how I am feeling.

Some days, I can prepare the night before because I can feel my mood dropping or get a huge injection of motivation, but most of the time, I just sort of wing it.

Today is a strange one because it is the first day of a new year. I am tired and stressed from the fireworks that went off last night, which kept me and my dog up. I am excited but drained at the thought of having a family meal tonight. So, trying to get from A to B and fill the time between waking up and ending social events, when I can really stop, is variable.

I am trying to put in a bit of a routine in the recent weeks, after finding myself with difficulties in finding the right treatment for my mental health, I have found myself entirely alone in this battle. While I try to figure out my next step in recovery, I am doing my best to work on what I can do to help myself in each moment.

I write a list, I include things I want to do each day and week, with differences when I need to add in or take away something from that list; and I just work my way through it. Today, I got the hardest things out of the way first and considering I almost didn’t get out of bed due to feeling overly emotional and like I had been on a trek, I’m pretty proud of myself.

I did my 5-minute workout routine, it may not be much but it helps me get back into healthy habits, it moves my limbs and almost frees me from my previous lifestyle of staying in bed. I then took my dog for a walk, something I really want to do more to better her quality of life and I even managed to do a little jog (which is pretty challenging with a small dog).

I then got myself a huge cup of green tea, because I must consume about 10 each day and settled down for a moment. I am learning to let myself breathe and recover from even small tasks, because for me, I am trying to overhaul a whole lifestyle and improve it, which is exhausting.

I threw on a white wash for my husband to get it out the way, which is apparently bad luck to do on New Year’s day, but oh well! And did a little clean up around the house ready for some guests later.

It’s been pretty relaxed ever since, I put on my skygo app and just get the tasks done that require my laptop or phone. I get all my emails responded too, send out other emails, look out for writing jobs and do what I can for social media.

Which takes me up to this moment, where I am sipping my fancy tea and trying to just find my inner strength to get through the rest of the day. I feel pretty good at this moment because I know I have done so much already, compared to a previous life. I just need to remind myself that while my new routine is helping me, it’s still ok to have a day off.

As for the rest of the day, I think I will just get started on the February #CompassionCards and settle in for some quality time and food with my loved ones.

And tomorrow, that could be a whole new adventure.


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